Where to go to get short term finance in Australia

For many different people out there, there will come a time in their life when they need short term finance in Australia. There can be many different reasons for this, but commonly people will need to borrow a smaller amount of money (such as $50,000 or under) but don’t want to be paying that amount as well as interest off over a five or seven-year period. This can occur when people haven’t saved quite enough for their holiday, or new car and just need a little boost to get them over the finish line. They may know that they can pay off the loan in a one-year period and so will wish to apply for short term finance in Australia. While this is good and fine, many people are unsure of where to go when they want to find short term finance in Australia and almost all banks won’t offer this service. Banks make a great deal of money from the interest that is paid on longer loans and so it just isn’t worth it for them to offer this kind of thing, even if it is beneficial for their customers. For this reason, this article will explore where people can go to get short term finance in Australia.

Find an independent company
There are many different independent businesses out there that will help people with short term finance in Australia. These companies are usually known as loan centres or a mobile lender. These types of places usually don’t even need to be visited in-store as the micro-loans can be applied for online. Some won’t even do a credit check depending on the amount that someone wishes to borrow. While these types of cash advances can be quite easy to obtain, there are still some criteria that needs to be met e.g. Centrelink cannot be the main source of income. In some cases, those who apply online will be accepted within thirty minutes and will have the funds that same day. While there are many businesses out there that will offer pay advances of up to $2000 to be paid within 30 days, there are many people out there that will be looking to borrow a little more than that but not as much as a normal loan. For these type of advances, a little more research must be performed.

Search for a lending centre online
For those who are looking for short term finance in Australia that is more than $2000 it can be helpful to search online. Search engine sites such as Google can be visited and a query such as “lending centre near me” can be typed into the search bar. This will usually show results of places that are near the person where they can visit to apply for their funds. Once again, these types of companies do not have to be visited in-person in order to apply. There is usually a no-obligation pre-approval that can be obtained online and the application itself can usually be put in online as well. This can be very handy for those who work full-time and who may not have the hours in the day to go and visit a lending centre in-person. All in all, there are many reasons why someone may be looking for this type of service. They may need to quickly repair their car, make an investment, or something else entirely. Whatever the reason may be, there are many different organisations out there where they can go to achieve short term finance in Australia which can help them with their money goals.